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Identity Verification

What details do I need to provide when booking and Why?

Your real identity such as name, phone number, etc. We want to provide a safe environment for our Users and Providers. We discourage any users from using fake IDs, locations, phone numbers, etc, in case we need to file a police report.

How does the system verify my identity and experiences?

We verify your NRIC or passport using our TimeGap Matching (TGM) Optical Character Recognition (OCR) module. As for experiences, we will verify all the certifications and the videos/performances you provided before we approve the experience. This is done manually by our staff for the time being, which takes some time before your experience can be booked.

How to ensure that the users are using their actual picture?

We compare your Identity Card with other pictures provided using Facial Recognition technology from our Timegap Matching (TGM) module. Only users with highly similar faces from the comparison results are allowed to engage Providers.

Why is there a need to include how fluent I am in a language?

This boosts your chances of being hired. The more languages you speak, the better your chances of getting hired since we have users worldwide. 

What is the purpose of including my Identity Card to create a profile to be a Provider?

We demand you provide your real identity for the safety of our users. We will verify your identity and you will become a Provider once approved. This allows us to track the Provider, should anything happen.