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Currency, Price, and Bank

If the currency is in USD or other currencies while Iā€™m using an SG bank account, will the transfer of the money be a direct currency exchange?

We will use the local currency according to where we operate the app. We can do a currency conversion if need be.

What type of cards are accepted in the app? (Credit, Debit?)


Can I pay with cash?

No. We want to ensure that the user is genuine and makes the payment in advance to avoid a dispute.

Why is there a need to include my address for payout purposes?

We need the full address in case some disputes or complaints are lodged. This ensures that we will be able to reach you.  

Am I free to set any price for my experience as long as it is within the limit range, regardless of my level of experience?

Yes. However, there is a price ceiling that you may wish to observe. We do not wish for you to set the price too low as you will not make money.

How long will the transaction period be before my earnings are updated?

That depends on the country we are operating in. Certain payment gateway/merchants can payout immediately after the booking. A few merchants will only payout after 7 days. We will try to work with merchants that can pay out immediately or within 24 hours. 

Does TimeGap take any commission?

TimeGap takes a 20% pay cut from all payments made.