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About the App

How do I use the map?

Simply pinpoint any location on the map to search for the available Providers. Alternatively, you can change the radius to expand your search.

How do I enlist as a provider?

You need to download the TimeGap app and go through the registration process "as a Provider". Once you have registered, you will receive a notification when our team has verified and approved your bio. You will only be able to accept jobs after your status as a provider has been approved.

How do I give feedback?

We have a feedback button for users and providers. Kindly share your experiences using the app with us. We are always grateful for your responses.  

Why does the app track my location?

We do not track the location of users. Neither do we track the exact location of providers. We will only show the distance/radius of the Providers available close to the User so that the User can make a better choice to choose the suitable Provider accordingly. We will only track the location of the Provider half hour (30 minutes) before the event starts. We will track the Providerโ€™s location in 10-minute intervals to ensure that the Provider is making his way to the User. This allows the User to be able to anticipate the arrival of the Provider. 

How do the search function and filters work?

Simply click on the filtering function and choose which kind of filter that you want to apply to meet your requirements. 

What are the limits to searching for listings I want to see?

There are no limits. As long as the provider is still available, you will be able to search for their listing. 

Is there a requirement to fulfill before I can create experiences and teach or guide the users? For example, what kind of certifications or experiences, or qualities does one need to have?

For each main category like Sports and Travel, we have certain minimum criteria to approve your activity, like an endorsement by professional bodies or certifications to ensure we provide the best quality of Providers. 

As for Entertainment and Specialties, we will check the number of years you have been in the business and if any bad records/criminal activities have been reported.